You begin the game with a single homeworld within a solar system and the universe is hidden. If you're lucky, you'll have a second Terran class system in your starting solar system that will be an obvious colonization candidate.

  • Research Trade - Remote Harvesting for the ability to create Resource Harvesters.
  • Create probes. You will use probes to explore the universe to find other solar systems. Do not create too many probes as there will be a unit cap allowing you to build 10 ships with an additional 10 ships per shipyard you own. Send these probes out to explore in various directions. You may even find other players in the process.
  • Build a Shipyard. You will need this to create Colony Ships and other large ships.
  • As soon as you have enough resources, start creating Colony Ships. These are fairly expensive and take over four hours to build. Send these Colony Ships to Terran planets that your probes discover. Once you create a Colony the colonship is expended. A colony ship places around 4 million colonist on a planet. You require 100 million colonists to be able to construct ships and orbitals at the colony. It takes 24-48 hours for a colony to reach 100 million colonist without genetic modifiers received through research. This rate will vary based on the planet type and it's terraform level. A higher terraform level is better.
  • Once you have obtained the Trade - Remote Harvesting skill, start building Resource Harvesters and increase your resources. - Resource Harvesters may no longer be used to claim other planets. Build Mining Colony ships to claim planets and use harvesters to transport the resources to your colonies.
  • More details coming soon...