For version 0.72b: Ordered by priority to be fixed.Edit

Low Memory 4g iTouch: In Progress...

Problem: 4g iTouch is crashing due to low memory.

Server Login problems: In Progress... Problem: Players are unable to bypass the login / signup screen, and or their password appears to be getting dropped.

Problem: When getting a disconnect the app is not displaying the username / login boxes.

Factories % display: In Progress... Problem: Percentage is wrong when being displayed on the build screen. - Seems to appear with Colony ships, and multiple builds.

Chat scrolling issues. : In Progress... Problem: Chat does not always scroll correctly.

Colonies gone...: Not Started Problem: When a colony is placed on a level 0 planet, they seem to vanish without a trace, and it would seem they don't even leave a farewell note.

Wrong ship in sector when another leaves: Not Started Problem: If you fly a probe in to a system, then fly a cruiser in to the system, then have the cuiser leave on the sector display you will see the cruiser, when you should see the probe.

Fixed issues: For next build / Server ReleaseEdit

Scroll glitch in player listing: - FIXED Problem: Players are encountering a GPF in the app when they click on the right side of the player listing and scroll the list.

Unable to Attack Player: FIXED - Will require new server in place Problem: Players are unable to attack each other.

Server Disconnects: Server Checks: FIXED Client: FIXED Problem: Game gets disconnected from the server, and does not seem to detect the drop in the connection.