Tier 1

Orbital Defenses: Allows the construction of Missle and Energy Array defense platforms. +2% reduction orbital build time per rank +2% dmg increase time per rank

Offensive Initiative: Allows the creation of Destroyers and Cruisers. +2% damage to Destroyers, Cruisers, Battle cruisers, and Battleships per rank.

Tier 2

Strike fleet construction: Allows the production of Battle Cruisers and Battleships. +5% defense to Destroyers, Cruisers, Battle Cruisers, and Battleships per rank.

Mine Emplacement : Allows the deployment of mine fields. +5% damage per rank.

Tier 3

Capital ship Construction: Allows building of Dreadnoughts. +3% rank decrease in dreadnought and Carrier build times.

ECM Superiority : Enhanced defenses for Capital ships. +4% defense for capital ships per rank.

Tier 4

Plasma Armament : All capital ships are equipped with plasma weapons. +10% damage for all capital ships per rank.

Shield Mgmt : Reduce overall damage take by all ships and orbitals by 5% per rank.

Tier 5

Bio Weapon Deployment : Equips all capital and super capital ships with biological weapons. +5% increase in population reduction per rank. Active skill, 1 hour cool down.

Super Capital Construction : Enables construction of Super Dreadnoughts, Monitors, and the Mammoth Assembly Array. +5% per rank Super Capital damage output.

Tier 6

Engines of Destruction : +10% weapon dmg, +3% defense on all super capital ships.

Planetbusting : Allows deployment of the PlanetKiller. -7% charge up time on planet busting skill per rank. (Planet Busting skill can target any planet in the same solar system for a one shot kill of any planet but has a one hour charge up time and a 24 hour cool down period. (we’d show this with a particle effect.) The charge up is interrupted if the planet killer takes damage during the charge up.