Tier 1

Fleet Management : Increases maximum number of fleets that can be built. Allows construction of Fleet Headquarters. +n max fleets per rank.

Basic Ship Handling : +2% rank reduction in normal space travel times.

Tier 2

Fleet Maneuvering : +4% warp speed per rank for fleets.

Advanced Ship Handling : Improved ship agility. +2% defense in non-fleet combats. +2% normal speed per rank.

Tier 3

Planetary Deployment : Increase ability of ground side defences. +5% per rank defence for non-Homeworld planets

Evasive Maneuvers : +5% per rank Chance to evade damage from mine fields.

Tier 4

Fleet Tactics : Better fleet handling. +5% per rank in fleet damage output, 2% per rank damage reduction when in fleet combat.

Shrapnel Resistant Shielding : Reduced damage from mine explosions. +5% defense per rank. (renamed Tactical Orbital Maneuvering)

Tier 5

Carrier Control: Allows the construction of carriers. +5% fighter capacity and +5% Carrier defense per rank.

Advanced Fighter Command : Increases fighter attack rates. +5% rank fighter damage increase.

Tier 6

Jump Drive Operation: Permits Carriers, Dreadnaughts, Super Dreadnaughts, Monitors, and Planet Killers to jump without using a gate. +5 non capital ships can accompany the capital ship in a fleet per rank.

Precision Targeting : Pinpoint those defence weak points. +10% damage to all ships per rank.