Tier 1

Planetology : Makes home more like home. Allows the creation of orbital laboratories. +2% Increased population growth per rank.

Power Generation : Allows the creation of refineries. +2% to resource production and factory efficiency per rank.

Tier 2

Advanced Metallurgy : Improved material handling skills. +2% per rank base defence all ships

Astrophysics : Improved stellar identification. +2% per rank reduction in warp travel time

Tier 3

Terraforming : Allows the building of terraformers. Improved Terraformer efficiency. +2%/rank increase in transformation rates

Genetic Manipulation : Every colonist needs a hurricane-proof dog. +4% per rank population growth.

Tier 4

Stealth Orbitals : High energy hide-and-seek. +10% per rank increase in orbitals avoiding detection

Hyperspace Physics : Ships are not affected by black holes. +5% rank reduction in warp travel time.

Tier 5

Cloaking: Ships/Fleets are invisible to other players/AI. Togglable active skill. Players cannot attack while cloaked and move at -50% speed. Speed penalty reduced -10% per rank.

Jumpgate Construction : Enables the construction of JGs. - 5% production cost of jump gates / jump beacons per rank.

Tier 6

Graviton Physics: Allows the player to convert stars to black holes. Allows the creation of solar core taps. +1 star per rank. (Requires a solar core tap to be built at the star and 24 hours to convert. If the solar core tap is destroyed during the process the conversion is cancelled.)

Xion Particle Properties : +5% rank damage increase to all ships.