Trade Skills

Tier 1

Remote Harvesting:

Allows the creation of Harvesters. +2% load capacity per rank to all trade vessels.

Deadly Cargo:

When a Courier, Harvester, Cargo ship, or Freighter is destroyed it deals explosive damage to it’s attacker. +5% damage per rank.

Tier 2

Intermediate Trading : Allows the creation of Cargo Ships. +2% Warp speed to all trade vessels per rank.

Blockade Running : +25% for non combat ships to avoid mines. +7% per rank

Tier 3

Counterfeiting: Receive a trade bonus while giving away fewer resources. -5% resources sold per rank.

Contracts Management: 10% Chance to counter Counterfeiting and +2% trade bonus per rank.

Tier 4

Advanced Trading : Allows the creation of Freighters, -5% load/unload times per rank to all trade vessels.

Mercantile Diplomacy : +25% chance AI ships ignore non combat fleets. +7% per rank.

Tier 5

Smuggling : Instead of cargo trade vessels pickup people. +5% more population stolen per rank.

Money Laundering : Allows you to trade with your enemies. +5% warp speed to trade vessels per rank.

Tier 6

Interstellar Commerce : Allows the creation of Matter Transmitters. +10% resource production per rank on all planets with a Matter Transmitter.

Piracy : Profit from other's production. +10% per rank cargo seized from within-range ships in transit that are detected.